​Emmaus House

Located in Cap-Haitien, Haiti

We exist to educate those who are the future of Haiti. 

Learn how we're working to raise leaders.

Emmaus youth are given the opportunity to attend and finish high school, a rare event in Haiti. 
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Restoring Hope to
​the youth of Haiti

NEW mailing address:

Emmaus House

P.O. Box 366

Cave Springs, AR 72718

*This replaces our previous Colorado mailing address.

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Sponsors cover basic monthly needs for each individual youth in the program.
The goal of Emmaus House is to restore hope to the youth of Haiti by teaching them to be dependent on God and to become independent young adults. Until those goals are achieved, the youth of Emmaus House need a continued support system to help them on their journey through this transitional time in their lives.

The youth in Emmaus House do not have a biological family support system. Living at Emmaus House, they have Christian house parents to be their example. The youth learn how to live in a family unit and how a family functions, something they have not been a part of until now.

While in the house they learn business skills they can use to help support themselves later in life. Through our Emmaus Works program, they learn to sew, screenprint, and make jewelry. The entire sale price comes back to them so they can learn management by investing, saving, and giving back to the church.

Emmaus youth learn to be the light of the world through daily bible studies and devotionals.

Together, we will raise leaders for Haiti.


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Emmaus youth are taught to be leaders in their church and community.