Building the Future of Emmaus House


Since our beginning in 2013, Emmaus House has been committed to caring for orphaned youth in Haiti. Within family homes, we have always strived to provide a safe space where youth can heal, grow, and find restored hope for their lives. 
And while we have accomplished this goal in many ways, our level of care has always been limited due to the
location and size of our rental homes. 
For this reason, we purchased 3.3 acres just outside of Cap Haitien in 2019 and began planning the future of Emmaus House. A future that would enable us to provide A HIGHER QUALITY OF CARE to the youth in our program, while also doubling the number of residential youth we could serve at one time. 
Below are just a few of the ways we will be able to provide A HIGHER QUALITY OF CARE on our new campus. Learn more and consider partnering with us today to build the future of Emmaus House! 
  • Better Security for

    At-Risk Youth

  • Multiple Learning Spaces

  • Privacy for House Parents

  • Closer Proximity to the Local Church

  • Community Service

    & Outreach

  • Confidential Meeting Spaces

building Phases

 1.  Purchase 3.3 acres right outside of Cap Haitien, Haiti   COMPLETE
 2.  Build surrounding security wall   COMPLETE
3.  Infrastructure projects    IN PROGRESS
4.  Administrative building
5.  Two youth houses
6.  Outdoor Classroom
7.  Refuge House for Young Women

Total Raised: $347,109.98        Total Still Needed: $500,000.00

Emmaus House is a licensed non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

All donations made to Emmaus House are tax-deductible to the full extent permitted by the law .

EIN: 46-2945431 | PO Box 3224, Johnson City, TN 37602 

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