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Restoring hope to youth in haiti


  • There are estimated to be about 760 orphanages in Haiti

  • About 32,000 children in Haiti live in orphanages

  • By Haitian law, children age out of the orphan care system at 18 years old 

  • Recent studies show that youth who grow up in institutions are 40 times more likely to have a criminal record, 10 times more likely to enter prostitution, & 500 times more likely to commit suicide. 

* Lumos Foundation

 Emmaus House is leading the way
in transitional care in Haiti &
We are committed to changing these statistics one person at a Time.

Our mission at Emmaus House is to transition orphaned youth into independent living in Haiti.
Rooted in Christian family settings, we strive to provide orphaned youth a home where they can heal from the past, be equipped for today, and find empowerment for tomorrow. 


"Emmaus House supports me in all my needs and gives me courage. Emmaus House makes me understand life in an independent sense and teaches me everything I need to face life."


"Emmaus House is a family to me. Emmaus House helps me move forward with my goals to be useful in the society and to live an independent life."



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Emmaus House Haiti


Emmaus House Haiti


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