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Independence Houses

The Journey

Becoming independent is a big step. One that often comes with a lot of fears and reservations, especially for orphaned youth in Haiti. 


Since Emmaus House first opened in 2013, our residential homes have served as a safe place for youth to heal, learn to be a part of family, and gain the skills needed to live independently. Still, the final transition into independence has always remained the most challenging stage of our program.


Then in 2023 we came up with an idea to provide our youth the opportunity to practice independence under the safety net of Emmaus House. We decided to build two apartment style houses for youth in the final phases of our program. A safe space for them to live without house parents and gain the confidence they need before moving off campus.



At the same, we have also had a growing list of youth waiting to come to Emmaus House. But being at capacity, we have had to turn many away. So last spring we asked our community to partner with us in order to build two new youth houses. Houses that will not only help our older youth prepare for independent living, but will also allow us to grow our capacity on campus from 20 to 30 youth at a time. 


While many people generously provided the funds needed to build, due to instability and inflation of supplies, we have had to put construction on hold for over a year. We are happy to report, however, that we officially broke ground in June 2024 and the new Independence Houses are finally underway!

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Make a lasting impact and become an Independence House sponsor! 

Partner with us to grow our impact and better prepare orphaned youth to become independent in Haiti!

We currently have sponsorship to support our youth, but we're excited to expand our impact with the launch of new Independence Houses. To make this happen, we're seeking partners who can help us cover the additional $1460 per month needed to operate these houses. With your support, we can make a real difference in the lives of our youth and provide them with the resources they need to thrive. 

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