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I (Jillian) grew up in a small town called Gray. Not grey like the color, but Gray as in, well, the small town in which I grew up.

Gray is right next-door to another small town called Jonesborough, which is the oldest town in Tennessee. Jonesborough is the cutest of places. On Main Street you can ride in a horse drawn carriage, stop at an old fashion soda shoppe, and find some bluegrass band playing somewhere on almost any given day. But that's not all. Jonesborough is also home to the International Storytelling Center, which means the town has welcomed in the best story tellers from all over the world. And people travel from far and near to hear them. Why? Because everybody loves a good story.

From the beginning of time humans have been telling stories. We have told them for all sorts of reasons - to pass down history, to teach lessons, to entertain. Although our forms of storytelling have changed throughout the ages, a story's ability to impact our lives has always stayed the same.

Storytelling has a large role in missions as well. As Christians we proclaim the story of Christ with our neighbors both locally and abroad. We listen to the stories of the people we build relationships with along the way. And we share the stories entrusted to us to better serve those in need.

And this is why we have started this blog. To share stories.

Stories of our youth. Stories from our leaders both in Haiti and in the States. Stories about the work at Emmaus House. And stories about how God is changing lives and raising up leaders among those who Haiti often considers "the least of these".

We are excited to use this blog as a way to connect and share. Join us every Wednesday for a new story. And please, if you don't mind, share with a friend.

- Jillian Kittrell, Emmaus House Administrator

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