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Give the gift of hope this holiday season!


This year has been a difficult one in Haiti. Due to political unrest and an ongoing food shortage and fuel crisis, life for the average Haitian has become increasingly difficult. For months, daily protests in the streets have become the norm, causing many schools, hospitals, churches, and businesses to shut down. Haiti, in the opinion of many, has become a lost cause. 

While it would be easy to just focus on Haiti's problems right now, all of us at Emmaus House are choosing to have faith that one day, this unrest will come to an end. Someday, life in Haiti will eventually go back to some state of normal, and the youth and staff of Emmaus House will be left to pick up the pieces and rebuild. More than ever, they need people like you to believe in them, encourage them, and support their efforts. 

Emmaus House has been dedicated to restoring hope for orphaned youth in Haiti since 2013. By shopping our Holiday Catalog, you are committing to stand with us to empower Haitian youth to become future leaders for their country and also for the kingdom of God. Your support for 2020 will give the gift of stability, so that more youth can have hope to endure these unpredictable and unstable times in Haiti. 

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support. We wish you and your family a blessed Christmas and New Year! 


In Haiti, the inflation rate has peaked at 19.1% this year, causing food prices to soar. While our  youth sponsorship program covers food expenses for each person, we need $150 more a month to make ends meet with the rising food costs. Give the gift of DAILY MEALS to ensure the youth and staff at Emmaus House can continue to have 3 meals a day. 

Daily Meals



Without a public water system, purified drinking water must be purchased. Every week, the youth take over two dozen 5 gallon jugs to a local water purifying business to be filled. We budget $50 a month for both houses. Give the gift of DRINKING WATER to our youth and staff for 2020.

Drinking Water



Most of the meals in Haiti, and many at Emmaus House, are cooked over a charcoal stove. These stoves are outside, since cooking indoors is often too hot, especially in the summer. Each month we spend $120 to purchase charcoal from a local vendor. Give the gift of CHARCOAL to help the youth cook their meals in 2020. 




In order to get to school in town, our youth use public transportation. Every morning they walk to the main road and take either a tap-tap or hop on the back of a motorcycle taxi. Because fuel prices are so high, the cost for public transportation has also increased. With the hope that schools will reopen in January, give the gift of SCHOOL TRAVEL to help our youth get to school. 

School Travel

STILL NEED: $4,000

HAVE: $800

While most of the meals at Emmaus House are cooked outside over charcoal, the youth and staff also use a propane stove indoors, which costs $75 a month for both homes. Their favorite meal to cook over the stove is Haitian spaghetti. Give the gift of PROPANE this Christmas.



HAVE: $270

Every month the youth at Emmaus House receive $10 each to purchase their own toiletry needs such as soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, etc. This is only one way we teach them certain life skills such as budgeting and shopping at the market independently. Help provide these monthly needs to all the residential youth in 2020 by giving the gift of TOILETRIES


STILL NEED: $1,750

HAVE: $50

While this picture doesn't do it justice, both youth houses are in desperate need of new mattresses. Their current ones are over six years old and have endured multiple rotations of youth. Any new mattresses purchased will transfer over to the new property once the houses are built.  Give our youth and house parents the gift of NEW MATTRESSES. 

New Mattresses

STILL NEED: $2,680

HAVE: $0

It has been a year since our neighborhood has received city power, so all our electricity is currently provided by a diesel run generator. Fuel costs are also at an all time high, making this very expensive. Give the gift of ELECTRICITY to help fuel and maintain the generator, giving at least 5 hours of power a day to both houses. 


STILL NEED: $2,565

HAVE: $2,835

Our youth have daily chores to keep both houses clean. They hand wash their clothes, mop the floors, clean their bathrooms, wash the dishes, and much more. Give the gift of CLEANING SUPPLIES to help keep both our house clean next year. 

Cleaning Supplies



Spiritual development is the foundation of our program. Not only do we want our youth to be active in their local church, but we also want them to be strong and knowledgable leaders who are able to spread the gospel in Haiti. Give BIBLE CURRICULUM to help us purchase new Bibles and Bible study material to be used in their training classes next year. 

Bible Curriculum


HAVE: $150

Nothing is more important to us than investing in the spiritual growth of our youth. For this reason, this year we hired a full time youth minister to oversee the spiritual development of all the youth and staff at Emmaus House. Give the gift of a YOUTH MINISTER to help us continue to provide this important leadership in 2020.  

Youth Minister

STILL NEED: $2,112

HAVE: $2,088

Our administrative staff use the office internet on a daily basis to communicate with the leadership stateside, send financial reports, share documents, and much more. Give the gift of INTERNET for 2020 so our staff can continue to do their work. 



HAVE: $110

One day a week our house parents take a day off. During this time, we have house parent substitutes who come in to help oversee the management of both houses. Give the gift of HOUSE PARENT SUBS to help us continue to provide a day of rest to our house parents next year.  

House Parent Subs

STILL NEED: $1,440

HAVE: $0

With the goal of becoming a more self-sustaining ministry, we are proud to say that we have been successfully Haitian led on the ground for 2 years! Currently, we have 6 full time staff and 5 part time staff in Haiti. Give the gift of STAFF SALARIES to help us provide much needed, and deserved, raises to our Haitian team. 

Staff Salaries



Even though schools have been closed for the past few months, our tutor has faithfully come to Emmaus House every day to work with our secondary school students. We pray daily that schools will be able to open again soon. In the meantime, please consider giving the gift of TUTORING so our youth can continue to learn from home.


STILL NEED: $2,060

HAVE: $1,000

While we had hoped all our youth could move to the new campus in 2020, construction has been put paused due to the current situation in Haiti. We do plan to resume as soon as possible, but except we will need to rent at least one of our houses again due to the delay. Give the gift of HOUSING to ensure our youth have a place to live next year while we continue to build


STILL NEED: $3,000

HAVE: $1,500

Once a week a local waste management service comes to both houses to pick up our trash. This service costs $20 a month and keeps us from having to burn our own trash in our small yard spaces. Give the gift of TRASH MANAGEMENT to Emmaus House to help keep our spaces clean and healthy. 

Trash Management



While we do focus on hard work at Emmaus House, we also like to  have fun together as family. Every year the houses like to take a day trip to the beach together. The house moms will cook fresh seafood by the beach. And the day always includes swimming races and a barefoot soccer game in the sand. Give the gift of a family BEACH TRIP

Beach Trip


HAVE: $0

One of our goals in 2020 is to help our youth take on more leadership responsibilities in their local church. Our youth minister has created a leadership training program and has requested funds to help all the youth purchase new clothes for church. Give the gift of CHURCH CLOTHES and custom outfits will be created for them by a local tailor.

Church Clothes

STILL NEED: $1,000

HAVE: $0

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Thank you for choosing to stand

in the gap with us to 

empower orphaned youth in

Haiti and give them hope for

a better future.

Emmaus House is a licensed 501(c)(3) organization. All donations made to Emmaus House are tax-deductible.

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