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Administration & Staff


Jillian Kittrell

Executive Director

After living in Haiti for several years and working in orphan care, Jillian co-founded Emmaus House in 2013. Jillian is mom to 4 kids, 2 of which she adopted in Haiti.

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Adrienne Weaver

Development Manager

Adrienne has been leading groups to Haiti since 1992. Adrienne is an accountant by trade and previously served on Emmaus House's board from 2017-2021.


Marie Annee


Marie has a degree in nursing and oversees the medical needs of the youth at EH. In addition she manages the interview and intake process of all new youth.

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Guerdy Jean Baptiste

Youth Counselor

Guerdy is a licensed counselor from Cap Haitien with a background in Psychology, Art Therapy, Transformational Leadership, and Education. 

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Stephane Joseph


With a background in Administration and Computer Science, Stephane manages EH's accounting needs in Haiti, specifically for our construction.


Mackendy Talcide

IT/Media Manager

The first EH graduate to join our staff, Mackendy will soon receive his degree in Computer Science. At EH, Mackendy oversees all media and technology needs.


Tanya pirtle

Programs Manager

Tanya co-founded Emmaus House after working several years in Haiti. In addition to her work with EH, Tanya is a licensed social worker in Utah.


Samuel noel

Assistant Administrator

Samuel joined our leadership team in Haiti after serving as a house father for 3 years. Samuel has degrees in both Administration and Theology.


Innocienne desravines

Mental Health Director

Desravines is a licensed counselor from Cap Haitien. She has degrees in both Psychology and Economics and focuses on the mental health needs of both the youth & staff at Emmaus.


Claudie guerrier

House Parent

Claudie serves as a house mother for our girl's house. Before coming to Emmaus House, Claudie ran her own small business and worked in an office.




Levi has been tutoring the secondary students at EH since 2013. When he isn't tutoring, Levi teaches Math, Physics, and Chemistry at a nearby university.

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Junior NoËl


Junior joined the team at Emmaus House following his work on our construction team. A trained electrician, Junior helps oversee the maintenance needs on campus.


Gerome annee


Gerome has been working in orphan care since 2006. Gerome was one of the founding leaders of EH and is currently pursuing a degree in administration.


Jonathan raphael

Spiritual Director

A graduate of the Center for Biblical Preaching, Jonathan has planted 2 churches in Haiti and oversees the spiritual development of the EH youth and staff.


Wiselene Noel

Office Manager

Wiselene previously served as a house mother for Emmaus House and has a background in both accounting and office administration.


MichaËL BeliaroL

House Parent

A house mother for our girl's house, Michaël loves to cook and used to own her own restaurant. Her favorite part of her job is the relationships she has with the girls.


The Saint-Jeans

House Parents

Raoul and  Marietha have been house parent subs for Emmaus House for a while, and now serve in our boy's house full-time. Both are long-time church leaders. 


Robin Arold 


Boss Arold joined the team at Emmaus House to help oversee the maintenance of our campus, specifically the generator, lawn maintenance, and vehicles services.

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