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Our approach

Programs at Emmaus House help orphaned youth in Haiti:

 Heal from the past

be equipped for today &

 find empowerment for tomorrow. 


from the past


Family homes

We believe the most valuable life lessons are learned in the home under the guidance of loving parents, and that strong family connections can greatly impact one's ability to be successfully independent. Providing a family home to the youth at Emmaus House is the foundation of our program.


Without a belief that goes beyond their temporal circumstances, orphaned youth in Haiti do not have a lasting hope. Our discipleship program teaches the youth of Emmaus House that they play a vital role in the world and can share the hope they have found in God with others.

Mental health 

Youth to come to Emmaus House have endured unimaginable trauma- death of a parent, abandonment, abuse of all kids, and extreme poverty- leaving many of them unable to trust, connect, and experience hope. Emmaus House employs 2 Haitian therapist and offers weekly counseling services to all our youth to ensure they have the resources to build resilience and health from their past trauma



for today

individualized plans

Every 6 months the youth sit down with our staff to create a plan with measurable objectives in order to progress towards independence. Each goal achieved is another life skill learned to equip them to live independently and be filled with hope.

Behavior management

Most Emmaus House youth have never had a family to teach them how to manage painful emotions stemming from abandonment, abuse, and neglect. Our behavior management program teaches the skills of self-regulation needed for them to manage these difficult feelings as they become adults in their communities, families, and workplace.

Life skills training

Without the basic life skills that one traditionally learns in a family, youth are often left to the streets, crime, and prostitution to survive. From cooking their own meals to living on a budget, Emmaus House equips our youth with the skills they need to live fully functioning independent lives in Haiti.


Emmaus House works with each of our youth to help them achieve the highest education level they are capable of to help them become the future leaders Haiti needs.


for tomorrow

Job placement

In Haiti, an person with limited social connections has little hope of securing a job to support their family. At Emmaus House, we use our connections in the community to help our youth be placed in jobs that will provide them with a sustainable income.

Business program

With a high unemployment rate in Haiti, our business program provides an opportunity for youth to be mentored and learn skills to build and maintain a successful business in order to financially support themselves and their families.

follow up support

Just because a youth graduate from Emmaus House, doesn’t mean they no longer need a family. From wedding celebrations, to the birth of their children, our youth continue to be a part of the Emmaus House family long after leaving the program. Graduated youth often come back to share their skills and mentor youth in the program, going back what they have been given.

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