Our program at Emmaus House is based on 9 key components

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Family Homes

We believe the most valuable life lessons are learned in the home under the guidance of loving parents, and that strong family connections can greatly impact one's ability to be successfully independent. Providing a family home to the youth at Emmaus House is the foundation of our program.

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We believe youth have the ability to be leaders in their communities, churches, work places, and future families. From in-home trainings to leading service projects around Cap Haitien, we provide our youth with continuous opportunities to grow as young leaders who can create positive change in Haiti. 

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Community Service

We believe the best leaders have servant hearts, and we desire all of our youth to be next-generation leaders in Haiti. Youth at Emmaus House help lead multiple service projects throughout the year, including medical clinics, educational seminars, Christmas programs, and food relief programs for their community.

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We desire all of our residents to be active members in the local church in Haiti and to be contributors in their communities. Under the direction of our spiritual director, our youth attend daily devotionals, weekly Bible classes, and are regularly active in a community church where many take on active leadership roles.

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Individualized Plans

In order to help our youth plan for their futures, we help them create individual plans based on their education level, abilities, and interests. With the help of their house parent, spiritual director, and counselor, our youth set objectives every 6 months until their goals are reached.

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Allowance System

In order to help our youth learn discipline, learn to regulate their emotions and behaviors, and obtain relationship skills needed for healthy independence they are graded each day using the Level System. Youth can earn a weekly allowance based on their Level scores, and use that money to learn budgeting and purchase things they want. 

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Mental Health

All of the youth who come to Emmaus House have experienced various levels of trauma in their lives. To help them cope with their pasts so they can fully embrace their futures, we have trained therapists who counsel the youth weekly in a group setting, and sometimes individually, in the homes. 

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We strive for all youth to meet their maximum potential and to achieve the dreams they have for their own life. Therefore, we place a large emphasis on education at Emmaus House. In addition to traditional education, we regularly host seminars to help expand their knowledge beyond the classroom.

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Job Training

It is our goal that all our youth will become employed by the time they graduate Emmaus House. To help them prepare, we host frequent classes on professionalism, introduce them to local professionals in their desired careers, and try to help them find volunteer opportunities and internships to better prepare them for the Haitian workforce.

Our approach