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“We at EH believe that even with all the difficulties, we have the capacity and we have

the systems set up to help youth and empower them for a better future.“

- Gerome EH Administrator 

Cultivate Hope for a Better Future for Haiti’s Youth!

We want to see orphaned youth find restored hope and

be empowered to create a more stable future for Haiti. JOIN US!

At Emmaus House, we believe youth are the future leaders of Haiti. All they need is opportunity and hope. This spring we want to reach a $225,000 milestone by May 31 that will enable us to continue operating at our current capacity and grow our programs to CULTIVATE HOPE on our campus and in our community.


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Cultivate Hope with us! 


How We Will Cultivate Hope

at Emmaus House in 2024


I can help create a more stable future for Haiti. I want to become a community leader so I can help everyone in the community and help Haiti.



I want to be a leader for my community and the country in all the good actions that I bring to the public, such as by bringing my help in the activities that are being held.



It's good to be a leader in the community in Haiti. I have to manage my university studies well and I have to be a model in the community and Haiti.


Hear From Our Youth

Help us spread the message of CULTIVATE HOPE in your own community with our NEW MERCH!

Make a donation of $100 or more and we will send you a t-shirt and sticker as a THANK YOU!

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